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Esther Pordon | 30 | from the Netherlands | entrepreneur | foodie | spiritjunkie | skibum | University of Amsterdam alumnus | yogi | writer | digital nomad | adventure lover | will some day live in a van
“Just as a painter paints, and a ponderer ponders, a writer writes, and a wanderer wanders.” – Roman Payne

One of the first things I remember from primary school, is writing stories. They were usually about what I – as a 5 year old – wished would happen: my mom would marry me, I would be the star of the dance recital, we would move to the USA and so on. A few years later there even was a Harry Potter related writing contest for which I wrote a whole chapter in a notebook, and sent it to the organizer. 

Nowadays I have a bit more sense of reality (although I’m a dreamer by default), my own communications and copywriting company and I travel the world. My mom didn’t marry me (obviously) and I left the theatre a long time ago, but I have spent a significant amount of time in the USA. Since early 2018, I’m a ‘digital nomad’ as society would label it. This means I’m practically homeless: always traveling and working in the meanwhile. When I’m in my homecountry I housesit or stay with my parents or friends. I love it!

“Not all those wander are lost” – J.R. Tolkien

How I got here? Well, my path wasn’t a straight line, as no path is. That dream of becoming a star in theatre took up most of my childhood and teenage years. After high school I went to study dance in college, but I quit after the first year. It wasn’t making me happy at all… So I moved on to study communications at the University of Amsterdam, got a burn out at 20 (I’ll write a blogpost about that one day) but eventually graduated. After college there were jobs at Libelle and JAN Magazine (editorial), Rivièra Maison (social media and PR) and a PR agency. Great jobs, but there was always an itch

“The journey, not the destination matters.” – T.S. Eliot

Although I loved all of my jobs and everything that I experienced and learned because of them, I always knew that the office life wasn’t for me. In order to stay motivated and passionate for what I do, I need freedom. Because traveling had always been a big of part of my life, I decided to try and combine work and travel. So, by the end of 2017 I quit my job at the PR agency, started my own company Indigo Moon Concepts, ended the lease on my house and sold almost everything I had.

Since then, I have traveled to Spain, Nepal, India, Indonesia (twice), the USA (twice), Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Vietnam, while working remotely for several clients in Holland. I am loving this life and have gained way more joy and passion in my work

Let’s collaborate!
This blog is an addition to my website. It contains some older stories (in Dutch) about my earlier travels, and it will contain all sorts of new stories. About my life as a digital nomad, about the places I visit, the experiences I have, the (spiritual) thoughts that cross my mind… I love roaming the streets (and Google Maps) for the best food spots in town, wherever I am, so I’ll be sharing my findings on here too. 

If you are interested in my services as a communications coach for small business or as a copywriter for corporate and editorial organizations, you can contact me at esther (at) or click here

If you would like to collaborate in relation to my blog and/or Instagram, you can use the same e-mail address.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”
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