Best brunch in Bali

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best brunch in bali

If there is one thing I love, it is brunch. I could brunch all day, every day. In fact, I suggest we call it bruncher (breakfast-lunch-dinner) from now on. During my stay in Canggu, it sort of became my daily occupation to find the best brunch in Bali. I tried almost every smoothiebowl, pancake, French toast and avocado toast this tropical island holds. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it right?

Planning a trip to Bali soon? Make sure you visit these spots for the best brunch in Bali!

monsieur spoon best brunch bali

#1 Best brunch in Bali: Monsieur Spoon

If you find yourself longing for authentic French baguettes and croissants, this is the place to go. When you’ve been traveling through Southeast-Asia for a while, you kinda get over the ‘banana pancakes’, toast with egg and breakfast noodles after a while. Monsieur Spoon is there to save the day and provide you with mouth watering bread. Their ‘Monsieur Spoon Breakfast’ comes with a baguette in a cute basket, homemade jam and butter and a croissant (or a chocolate one!). But their smoothiebowl, granola bowl and French toast are also to die for. And don’t forget about the tens of delicious cakes and pastries they make! If I was allowed to only have brunch at one place for the rest of my life, this would be it. And lucky for us, they have a restaurant in Canggu, Petitenget, Seminyak and Ubud! For sure the best brunch in Bali.

kynd best brunch in bali

#2 Best brunch in Bali: Kynd Community

Kynd is vegan heaven! Their extensive menu is entirely plant based (I mean the food on it, I don’t know about the menu itself ;)), and it’s so good that even your steak lovin’ boyfriend will enjoy brunch here. There are many sweet and savory dishes to choose from, enormous freak shakes and you can even design your own sandwich with for example vegan egg or bacon… Besides the great food, Kynd is one of the prettiest restaurants on the block with their tables at the ‘insta wall’ almost always taken. By the way, they have a plant based gelato shop in the front with the cutest cones… Just sayin’.

best brunch in bali coffee cartel
best brunch in bali coffee cartel interior

#3 Best brunch in Bali: coffee cartel

Another brunch spot that serves amazing vegan (and non-vegan) dishes! Their vegan hotcakes are the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a few…). I can’t believe how they get these babies so light and fluffy without any milk, eggs or butter. Their smoothiebowls are great too, and so are their salad bowls. And ofcourse everything looks very worthy of the ‘gram. Coffee Cartel‘s main color is pink, but the interior isn’t too girly. As it’s name suggests, this is also thé place for a great cup of golden brown liquid energy. Or a pink (beetroot) latte if you prefer something more exotic. The coolest thing? You can have your own picture or logo ‘printed’ on the milk foam of your cappuccino or latte!

best restaurants in canggu with a pool

#4 Best Brunch in Bali: Cabina

Do I need to explain why Cabina (located between Canggu and Seminyak) serves the best brunch in Bali after showing you this picture? Nah, didn’t think so. I mean, it’s brunch in a pool. It’s brunch with sweet and savory dishes, mocktails, coffee and tea and it floats. This speaks for itself. You can make it as big as you want (this is the ‘small’ brunch), and if you take the big one, you get an even bigger tray. Just make sure you don’t spend too long on the photoshoot if you want to eat your pancakes while they’re still hot.

best brunch in bali betelnut

#5 Best brunch in Bali: Betelnut

Betelnut was one of the first kids on the block, long before Canggu turned into the Instagram frenzy that it is today. It has done a pretty awesome job staying relevant while hundreds of super hip cafés opened up around it. Betelnut serves one of the best smoothiebowls of the island, they make all kinds of healthy shots, great coffee AND a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s located in the heart of downtown Canggu (as far as Canggu has a  ‘downtown’), so whatever your plans for the day are, this is a great place to start from.

best brunch in bali two trees

#6 Best brunch in Bali: Two Trees Eatery

This place is my number one when it comes to smoothiebowl in Bali, and so I think it also deserves a spot on the list of the best brunch in Bali. Doesn’t this piece of art in a bowl just blows your mind?! And it gets even better when your tastebuds are called to action. Honestly, like an angel taking a leak on your tongue (is that a saying in English too? Or is that a crazy Dutch thing to say?!).  Anyway, Two Trees is one my favorite places in Canggu for several reasons. 1. This smoothiebowl. Duh. 2. It’s in Berawa (speaks for itself). 3. It’s interior is spacious but cosy, with hints of yellow and green. 4. It’s on the road to Berawa beach, which is a lot quieter than Jl. Batu Bolong and 5. Everything I’ve had here, tasted great (their chia puddings are great too!) and the staff is super kind.

best brunch in Bali cinta

#7 Best Brunch in Bali: Cinta Café

Another cosy little spot in Berawa is Cinta Café. They have a great breakfast promo for a small price, that let’s you choose a fresh juice, coffee or tea and one of the selected breakfast dishes like pancakes (really big American pancakes), smoothiebowls, toast, oats and more. They have more dishes on the regular menu too. I asked them if they could make my smoothiebowl without any added liquid, and add an extra banana instead. This was no problem at all, and the result was A.MA.ZING. So smooth, sweet and filled to the brim. Also worth noting: the café looks out onto the rice fields in the back. Although I won’t be surprised if I find a whole new block of restaurants there on my next visit. So go and enjoy the view while it’s still there!

18 grams brunch in bali

#8 Best Brunch in Bali: 18 grams

This hidden place is a bit of a new kid in town (at least it was in the beginning of 2019) and I have a good reason to put it on this list of best brunch in Bali: every Sunday ALL food is 50% off! Except for some burgers I think, but who wants burgers for brunch anyway? It’s seriously one of the cheapest places for an elaborate brunch, I mean look at that stack of pancakes! The plate in the front was ‘nutella French toast’, and although there wasn’t much French or toast about it, I love anything with Nutella. They serve a good cup of coffee too! 18 Grams is attached to the Koa Surfer Hostel (super close to Berawa beach), but the hostel has a seperate dining area so it doesn’t get crowded.

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